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High-Quality Violin Bows for Violinists

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Explore our selection of high-quality violin bows for violinists. Our handcrafted bows offer excellent playability and sound quality. Find the perfect violin bow to enhance your playing. Learn more about our range of violin bows and accessories.

Explore the world of violin bows and their sonic significance.
The violin bow plays a crucial role in shaping the sound of the violin. Choosing the right bow, whether it's a standard bow, a carbon bow, or a master bow, significantly influences the auditory experience.

The standard bow is ideal for beginners, featuring a round or square stick and a frog made of ebony. Comfort is ensured with a thumb leather and high-quality natural horsehair.
A carbon bow offers lightweight and comfort, with options for round or square sticks and Mongolian horsehair. A Kevlar-acoustic core and silver inlays add extra sophistication to the carbon bow.</p> <p>Master bows allow for individual adaptation to playing habits and offer advanced technology, such as the high-tech carbon fiber bows from Müsing and CodaBow

Protect your bow during transportation with a high-quality bow case, which is also convenient to carry.
Experience the world of violin playing with the right bow for your instrument.