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High-Quality Violin Bows for Violinists

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Explore our selection of high-quality violin bows for violinists. Our handcrafted bows offer excellent playability and sound quality. Find the perfect violin bow to enhance your playing. Learn more about our range of violin bows and accessories.

The violin bow helps determine the sound of the music
The violin bow plays a much more important role than is generally assumed. We were all fascinated the first time we tried to play violin with different bows. The sound is always different. Therefore, the choice of violin bow will affect the sound of the violin. There are three different categories of violin bows, which differ in price and comfort for the user. These categories are the standard bow, the carbon bow and the master bow.

For whom is the standard bow suitable as a violin bow?
The standard bow represents, so to speak, the entry-level segment in violin bows. It is suitable for beginners with a high price consciousness. The simplest standard bow comes with a round stick with an ebony frog. A cover made from the natural hair of horses ensures a good sound, with preference given to the tail hairs of grey horses, i.e. completely white horses. Alternatively, the entry-level violin bow is also available with an angular stick, a Parisian eye and a slide made of mother-of-pearl. Here, a thumb leather ensures a good grip in the user's hand.

What are the advantages of a carbon violin bow?
If you choose a carbon bow, you get a very light violin bow, with which even a longer concert does not become an excessive strain on the hand and arm muscles. The carbon bow is also available as a violin bow with either round or square sticks. As a rule, it is fitted with Mongolian horsehair. Here, too, a high-quality thumb leather ensures a good grip. The highlight of the carbon bow is the violin bow with a Kevlar acoustic core. Some variants become eye-catchers with inlays of real silver, but this comes at a rather high price. Master bows offer the chance of a very individual adjustment to the playing habits. Worth mentioning are the high-tech carbon fiber bows of the brands Müsing and CodaBow.

Efficiently protect violin and bow during transportation
Musical instruments react very sensitively to mechanical influences and moisture, with changes in sound quality. Therefore, they should never be transported unprotected. A good and safe aid is the violin case, which can be ordered either as a rectangular violin case or as a shaped case. The advantage here, just like with the cello case, is that not only the instrument itself finds room there. The violin bow and the cello bow can also be safely stored in it for the march or the trip to the performance. Good instrument cases can be supplemented with shoulder straps and have compartments for sheet music.