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   Musafia Cremona Italy

Lifetime limited warranty information


While many cases have a 30-day warranty (if they have one at all), Musafia Italia S.n.c. warranties the quality of each Musafia Cremona Italy case for as long as you own it, and this warranty is trasferrable should you sell the case to another party. Should the case require repair due to defects of manufacture or materials, we'll either repair or replace it - at our discretion - free of charge except for shipping and eventual customs fees. Electronic devices are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase unless local consumer law provides otherwise.

Please note that, despite careful design and painstaking workmanship, nothing lasts forever. For that reason, normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty, nor is damage owing to use, misuse or accident. Case covers, handles, zippers, straps, buttons, locks and other components are subject to wear and will eventually require replacement under normal use. Accessory box illumination is subject to damage by mutes, tuning forks, etc.

Kindly note that attempts to repair the violin case undertaken without our written authorization will void the warranty. This warranty covers only and exclusively the case itself and specifically does not cover the instrument or bows within it. No other guarantees or liability are implied or assumed, especially in case of accident. If at any time the violin case does not appear entirely compatible with the protection of your particular instrument or bows, due to size, shape, design, fit, clearances, materials, condition, or any other factors, do not use the case. Natural aging and use of the case will eventually diminish the protection characteristics, especially so if the case is not subjected to our maintenance services when necessary.

Under NO circumstances must the violin case be modified in any way without our written authorization. To do so will immediately void this warranty and may place your instrument in danger.

As with any high-quality product, a certain amount of care is necessary to ensure that a Musafia Cremona Italy case will last a long time. In addition to following the tips suggested on this website, it is essential for the safety of the instrument that the viola or violin case is inspected periodically for wear, paying particular attention to the handles, lock, hinges, cover, carrying straps and strap fixtures. 

If any worn, loose, or broken components are noted, please stop using the case and contact us immediately for assistance. It is the user's responsibility to contact us to this regard within a reasonable time, in any event not exceeding two months after discovery of the issue, as prescribed by EU consumer protection law. Continued use of the viola or violin case despite worn, loose, or broken components may endanger your instrument and bows, further damage the case, and will void this warranty.

While special care has been taken during design, testing, and construction to enhance instrument safety, we cannot guarantee that in case of accident your instrument will not be damaged. No Musafia viola or violin case is designed to offer instrument protection if checked in the baggage hold of an airliner.

For questions or requests for warranty service please contact us directly. Please DO NOT send us your case for service without first making proper arrangements with our office.