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The violin by all music styles

The violin is a very versatile instrument. It can be and is accordingly used in many musical genres.

Especially many works for the solo violin were written in the baroque period. This was continued in the Classical and Romantic periods, although works for the solo violin gradually lost importance. Instead, violin concertos or, from the 19th century on, works written for the solo violin with orchestral accompaniment increasingly emerged.

It was and is hard to imagine chamber or orchestral music without the violin. Along with other instruments, the violin usually represents the first and second voices, each with several players.

The violin played a major role in the 17th century in the context of court music. At that time, the violin accompanied some social dances.

Also in folk music or traditional music the violin as well as the electric violin occupies an irreplaceable place. Often the violin can be heard in folk music from northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Scotland or Ireland, but also in the Alpine countries or African countries.

Indian classical music was also greatly influenced by the violin from the 18th century until today.

Other music genres in which the violin is often used are jazz/crossover. Many artists rely on electrically amplified violins, which facilitates the mixing of different musical styles such as jazz and blues.

Against the expectations of some people, the violin is also used in rock and metal to add a characteristic melody to the pieces. Good examples are the rock band Kansas and the metal band Turisas.