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Premium Cases for Violin, Viola and Cello - Uniting Protection and Style

Explore our exclusive collection of cases for vilin. viola and cello. Our high-quality cases offer the perfect blend of top-notch protection and stylish design. Keep your valuable string instruments safe and elegantly stored. Discover the ideal case now!

The violin case is available as a shaped violin case or as oblong violin case. Even if the shaped case is more space-saving and lighter, the oblong violin case also has its advantages: for example, more storage space for sheet music and accessories. The Andantino Florence violin case is an excellent, affordable solution that doesn't skimp on the best materials and flawless workmanship. The Gewa and Jakob Winter brands offer solid “Made in Germany” quality. The violin cases made by the master Maurizio Riboni from Cremona ensure maximum quality. The Musafia cases, also from Cremona, deserve special mention here. Musafia's De Luxe cases have a maximum quality and durability, coupled with the finest design from Italian tradition. Carbon violin cases are now becoming particularly popular because of their lightness and modern design.

Since violas are subject to greater dimensional fluctuations than violins, you have to give serious thought to the size of your viola. They vary between 36cm and 44cm. Contemporary viola cases are equipped with an adjustable slide, which represents an optimal and flexible interior arrangement. This applies to shaped cases as well as oblong cases. With the brands Gewa and Jakob Winter you will find viola cases with the usual "made in Germany" quality. The "Gewa Idea 2.6 viola case" offers a high standard of lightweight carbon cases. High quality and artistic design from a master's hand can be found at the Italian masters Riboni and Musafia.

The double case - for violin viola or for 2 violins - is a very useful case when it comes to transporting two instruments or storing them professionally. Teachers, professional musicians or even amateur musicians often have to take a second violin or even a viola with them in addition to their violin. The double case for violin and viola makes work much easier. You also get them in various performances; with accessory compartments, string tube, covers and sheet music pocket.

The cello case is the cellist's indispensable helper. The robustness of the case allows the instrument to be transported safely and easily. The Gewa brand offers a variety of different cello cases "made in Germany" with a well thought-out concept. The cello case must be equipped with enough straps and carrying devices to make transport a lot easier. The inner suspension of the cello must also be guaranteed. A cello sleeve also offers lightweight protection.

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