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High-Quality Bows for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass

Explore our selection of high-quality bows for violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Our bows are handcrafted and offer excellent playability and sound quality. Find the perfect bow for your string instrument and playing style. Learn more about our range of string instrument bows.

The bow also determines the sound of the music
In a violin, there are several elements by which the sound of the instrument is influenced. These include the sound body itself, the type of strings used, their tension and the violin bow, which is indispensable for playing the instrument. If you want to buy a violin, today you can choose a violin bow from three different categories, which differ in price as well as in user comfort. These categories are standard bows, carbon bows and master bows.

The Standard Bow
The standard violin bow, viola bow ocer cello bow virtually represents the entry-level segment of bows for stringed instruments. It is suitable for beginners with a high price consciousness. The simplest standard bow has a round stick with an ebony frog. A cover made from the natural hair of horses ensures a good sound, with the tail hair of grey horses, i.e. completely white horses, being preferred. Alternatively, the entry-level violin bow is also available with an angular stick, a Parisian eye and a slide made of mother-of-pearl. Here, a thumb leather ensures a good grip in the user's hand.