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Müsing Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Compared to the best traditional wooden violin bows, the Müsing violin bows not only have a 50% higher resilience (elasticity), but are also 10% lighter (approx. 54 grams). This makes them faster, more comfortable and allows an extremely natural, relaxed, but also very bold playing style. The sound is as rich in overtones as is known from the best wooden violin bows, while being full, clear and expressive. Their ability to modulate allows an extremely colorful play. Because of its extremely good carrying capacity, this carbon bow will convince with its sound even in difficult acoustics.

In short, the Müsing carbon violin bow is a violin bow that plays naturally and relaxed, that jumps easily and easily over the strings. A bow that is extremely durable and robust and then also sounds fantastic. Which is comparable to the finest and most expensive pernambuco bows, but still doesn't cost a fortune.