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Bonmusica Shoulder Rest Instructions of use

Dear music lover,

Please take the trouble to read through these instructions in order to get to know the adjustment variations of the Bonmusica shoulder rest and to use it particularly well.The described adjustments do not necessarily need to be carried out as the prop is ready to play and corresponds to an anatomical average in its basic setting..

Bonmusica shoulder rests can be adjusted to an optimal shape for your body and allow you to play in a completely relaxed way, by relieving the head in the neck area, without pressure points on the neck and chin.

The hook part holds the shoulder support on the shoulder without slipping. Due to its flexibility, it can be bent by hand to fit any shoulder shape:

Bend hook part between thumb and index finger (larger or smaller radius according to shoulder width) and adjust to your body size using the hole pattern. Inclined position especially suitable for children.
When you remove the hook part, it can be safely bent back and forth until it sits optimally on your shoulder.

The chest part is used to support the shoulder rest in the sternum area. Depending on the body shape, this part can also be bent flatter or higher. (Flat position when the pectoral muscle is pronounced).
In addition, by bending the chest part, the height setting and the lateral inclination of the instrument to the player's body can be influenced.

The angle pieces determine the position of the violin neck (high, low).
By turning both angle pieces at the same time, the support is tilted towards the violin body and takes the instrument out of the horizontal position.
Plastic washers automatically fix the contra-angle pieces in the selected position.

The retaining claws guarantee a firm and damage-free fit on the instrument without loss of sound. By screwing the threads in or out, the distance between the bottom of the violin and the shoulder is determined in such a way that an unstrained and straight head posture of the musician is possible

The holding force angle allows for easy removal of the shoulder rest from the instrument as well as a snug fit. Handmade instruments are subject to a small variation in size; this can be compensated for by reducing or increasing the angle:

Hold the shoulder support as shown and adjust the angle by pushing it slightly up or down until the support can be easily slid onto the instrument while still being firmly seated.
This adjustment only needs to be made if your instrument is different from the normal size or if the holding force does not match after prolonged use.

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