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(image for) GEWA Cello case Idea Futura Rolly

GEWA Cello case Idea Futura Rolly

Gewa Cello case Idea Futura Rolly Made in Germany Fibre glass reinforced synthetic resin shell Padded suspension system SPS-lock-system 4 GEWA special locks 2 integrated gummi wheels Accessory pocket 2 detachable Neopren rucksack straps Velour padding Weight approx. 4,9 kg Inmediately...
899.00 €

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(image for) GEWA Cello case AIR 3.9

GEWA Cello case AIR 3.9

Gewa Cello case IDEA AIR Made in Germany Weight approx. 3.9 kg Specially developed Thermoplast shell Extremely high break-resistance Outstanding isolation characteristics, only 0,025 W/mK thermal conductivity Padded, custom-fit suspension system Combination lock, 3 GEWA special locks Bridge...
969.00 €

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(image for) WINTER Aircell Backpacksytem for cello

WINTER Aircell Backpacksytem for cello

Winter Aircell backpacksystem for Cello Very thick padde3d backpack system from "Air Cell" material Thick padded, easy adjustable backpack straps from neoprene material Strong turning snap hook to adjust the backpack system
133.26 €

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The most important aspects when choosing the cello case.
The cello, also known as the bass version of the violin, comes with respectable dimensions. The sound body alone is around 75 centimeters long. The cello bow is somewhat shorter than a violin bow. The fact that good protection by means of a cello case makes a lot of sense arises solely from the price of the instruments. Due to the considerably greater time required for production, it is significantly higher than the price that must be paid if a musician wants to buy a violin. Accordingly, the protection that a musician gives his instrument during necessary transports with a cello case should also be of a high quality.

Similar to a violin case or violin case, the musical instrument should be stored in a suspended position to reliably prevent damage from mechanical stress. This is ensured by special suspensions in a cello case, where, similar to the violin bow, care should also be taken to ensure that the cello bow is well protected during transport. Inside, foam inserts cushion the instrument against shocks. The in most cases polished sound bodies and bridges are protected against scratching in a cello case by covering the padding with soft velvet. When it comes to the outer skin of the transport aids, there are several variants. If you want to have a cheap cello case, you can go for the model with a Croatex cover. For models with a GRP shell, there are countless colors to choose from. An important selection criterion for transport aids for musical instruments is also the lowest possible dead weight.

The practical extras of a cello case
The volume of a cello ensures that the instrument is also heavier than a violin. In the optimal case, this instrument should be transported in the cello case in a vertical direction. This reduces the risk of hitting something with the instrument's expansive neck. In addition to the handle, a cello case should therefore have a strap system with which it can be carried on the back in a similar way to a traditional backpack. This also provides relief for the musician's hands, whose sensitivity he needs for sonorous playing at the concert. In addition, carrying bulky and heavy items on the back is considered much more health-friendly than carrying them in one hand. Anyone who treats themselves to a well-equipped cello case is also doing something to prevent various diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. This advantage can also be achieved with a cello case that is equipped with integrated rubber rollers.