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Premium Violin Cases for Optimal Protection and Style

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Discover a wide range of high-quality violin cases designed to safeguard your instrument while showcasing your unique style. Our violin cases blend superior protection with elegant designs, ensuring that your violin remains safe from damage during travel and storage. Explore our collection now to find the perfect violin case that reflects your musical passion and personality.

Buy the right violin case for every instrument
The violin is one of the musical instruments that are very sensitive to various influences. The sound of a violin can be negatively affected very quickly by temperature fluctuations as well as changes in humidity. Even a blow to the saddle, the body of the violin or the violin bow can leave lasting damage. Therefore, finding a good violin case is highly recommended to the person who wants to buy a high-quality violin..

Which violin case is the best choice?
When it comes to violin cases, there are two different types with the shaped cases and the oblong violin case. This division is also found in other transport aids for musical instruments. An example is the cello case. If you buy a shaped case as a violin case, you have to make sure that it fits the instrument exactly. The advantage with this type of transport protection is that it signals by its shape alone that there is a sensitive musical instrument inside. In everyday life, such a violin case usually causes a little more consideration from other people, for example, when traveling on public transport. A universal violin case offers numerous adjustment options. This, in turn, has the advantage of eliminating the need to purchase a new transport aid when buying a new instrument. The violin cases by Dimitri Musafia represent a very high culture of case construction.

What materials can a violin case be made of?
. A real functional highlight is the violin case made of carbon. Carbon is a plastic that is reinforced with carbon fibers. As plastics are used in the manufacture of carbon thermoplastics, duromers or epoxy resin. The biggest advantage of a carbon violin case is its extremely low weight. At the same time, carbon is very resistant to mechanical stresses, which is why this material is also preferred in aerospace applications. A violin case made of fiberglass offers similar high-quality protection for the musical instrument. It can withstand shocks and pressure well without transferring them to the instrument inside. At the same time, fiberglass provides perfect shielding against moisture penetration, which can cause damage to the body or bridge of a violin..

The possible designs with the violin case and the form case
High-quality and noble looks a violin case in classic black or silver. Carbon and fiberglass can be well colored or provided with structures, so that each prospective customer should find exactly the form case and the violin case according to his personal taste. Great attention should also be paid to the interior of the violin case. Soft velvet is usually used here, which also protects the musical instrument from scratches on the often shiny polished surfaces. Foam padding ensures that the velvet surfaces nestle optimally against the violin and this can not slip during transport.