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Educational Gift Items to Enhance Learning

Explore our selection of educational gift items that promote learning in a playful way. From interactive learning games to inspirational books, we offer a wide range of gifts that enrich knowledge and education. Find the perfect gift to support learning and inspire the curious minds.

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(image for) Bow Hold Buddies - bow hold support

Bow Hold Buddies - bow hold support

  Flexes thumb to touch intersection of frog and stick Supports curved pinky Positions and supports all fingers of the right hand Fingers still contact bow in all the customary places Universal Fit -- for child to adult hand sizes Fits all bow sizes Made in the USA Manufactured of the finest...
28.90 €

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(image for) Practice sticker

Practice sticker

ÜBUNGSAUFKLEBER Der regelmäßige Einsatz dieses Aufklebers motiviert Kinder zu ihrer täglichen Instrumentenübung. Meistens mit großem Erfolg! Das System funktioniert wie folgt: Der Aufkleber wird ins Hausaufgabenheft eingeklebt. Der erste Übungstag ist...
6.90 €

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(image for) Bow korrektor

Bow korrektor

With the arc corrector you can practice the correct and straight bowing and learn it . Metal frame with rubber protection . The bow  will be attached to the  fingerboard.
44.00 €

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(image for) Bow korrektor ABC

Bow korrektor ABC

The patented arm arch corrector! The arm bow corrector is not just a learning aid for a straight bow stroke at 90° to the string, it is also a unique training device for ambitious amateur and professional string players. The beginner quickly learns the correct arm movement and how to hold the...
29.90 €

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