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Musafia Options for Luxury Ultralight cases | MEISTERVIOLINE

Suitable Musafia Options for Luxury Ultralight model and Ultralight Alisea: Musafia Luxury Ultralight oblong violin case and Musafia Luxury Ultralight viola case

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(image for) Musafia GPS (4G) tracker FindMe™

Musafia GPS (4G) tracker FindMe™

Musafia GPS tracker FindMe™ All GPS trackers for violin cases currently available use GSM/GPRS 2G cellular service to operate. This service is now obsolete and is being discontinued in most countries. For this reason we are currently developing a new 4G system that will be officially presented...
149.00 €

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(image for) AcquaGuard® Zippers

AcquaGuard® Zippers

AcquaGuard® zippers: extra rain protection by YKK For those who use the case often in the rain, especially on a motorcycle, we recommend your commissioning your new Musafia with these high-quality Japanese-made waterproof zippers for maximum water resistance in the toughest conditions....
59.00 €

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(image for) Humiditrak Thermo-Hygrometer Bluetooth

Humiditrak Thermo-Hygrometer Bluetooth

 Humiditrak Bluetooth D’Addario Humiditrak® is a tiny 15g sensor the size of a key fob which allows you, without opening the case, to check the microclimate within via your smartphone (not included), and monitor it graphically by hour, by day and by month. 21-day memory. The sensor can...
55.60 €

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(image for) Musafia Protecta System

Musafia Protecta System

Musafia Protecta System Armored shell for greatest protection. The upgraded construction features up to 9-ply lamination to assure load-bearing capability of up to 200 kg. (440 lbs) while a resined-on woven mat, in a process similar to fiberglassing, covers all joinery creating a monolithical,...
279.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Additional shell reinforcement

Musafia Additional shell reinforcement

Musafia Additional shell reinforcement "EnCase ™ " A resined-on woven mat, in a process similar to fiberglassing, covers all joinery creating a monolithical, impact-resistant shell. Adds approximately 500g. (1-1/4 lbs.) to case weight (violin models). Doesn't increase...
129.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Tropicalization

Musafia Tropicalization

Musafia Tropicalization Exclusive thermal insulation package which reduces internal temperature excursion by as much as 60% in hot weather and 30% in cold, thus protecting the instrument from abrupt changes in both temperature and relative humidity. Added weight is about 100g - 150g. Recommended...
129.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Waterproofing

Musafia Waterproofing

Musafia Waterproofing With just about every case, in extreme conditions water can eventually penetrate through the case cover material or the stitching (although in normal conditions of use this will not happen). For those who desire the maximum protection for their instrument against this type...
79.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Pressure Ports

Musafia Pressure Ports

Musafia Pressure Ports During hot weather, cases exposed to direct sunlight suffer seemingly inexplicable increases of relative humidity within the case, which can sometimes double in the space of only 20-30 minutes (!), stressing the instrument greatly. It is not uncommon to find that in the...
64.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Bow tip cushions

Musafia Bow tip cushions

Muafia Bow tip cushions Special bow tip cushions help protect your bows from possible damage in case of impact. Simple yet unique in concept, these Alcantara®-covered pads offer extra protection for the tips, notoriously the most fragile part of the bow. Fore-and-aft movement is restricted, a...
52.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Baroque bow accomodation

Musafia Baroque bow accomodation

Musafia Baroque bow accomodation Baroque bow accomodation You can customize your new Musafia with the lid designed to accomodate shorter baroque bows safely. The bow tip holders are moved inboard to provide a perfect fit. You can opt for a single baroque bow accomodation (as in the photo), for...

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(image for) Musafia Baroque bow adapter

Musafia Baroque bow adapter

Musafia  Baroque bow adapter You can now order your new Musafia with one or more baroque bow adapters. These mobile adapters are lined in the same material of your case and can be fitted on demand and easily removed when no longer needed, offering you the greatest flexibility possible. The...
31.90 €

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(image for) Musafia Cherrywood burl trim

Musafia Cherrywood burl trim

Musafia Cherrywood burl trim Give your Musafia violin case an extra touch of elegance and exclusivity. The cherry wood burl trim, which was polished by hand with six layers of gum varnish - a traditional violin maker varnish and unique to Musafia - will be a real eye-catcher! Standard in...
68.00 €

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(image for) Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals Would you like some extra sparkle inside your Musafia case? Add some bling to the interior with the addition of Golden-shadow Swarovski crystals covering the screws that hold the bow spinners in place! Standard on Aeternum Aureum. Sold only together with the purchase of a...
69.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Leather instrument restraint

Musafia Leather instrument restraint

Leather instrument restraint Instead of the normal Velcro restraints, as an option you can order long-lasting leather ribbons to hold in your violin or viola. Standard on all Aeternum, Master Series, and Enigma models. Guaranteed so long as the case. Not available for: Levissima models. Sold only...
27.00 €

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(image for) Musafia ShadowDesign ™

Musafia ShadowDesign ™

Musafia ShadowDesign ™ If you're looking for a more low-key appearance on the outside of the case in order to avoid unwanted attention, the ShadowDesign option may be for you. (Please note that carrying straps and CaseCaddy currently are unavailable with ShadowDesign components). The screws,...
54.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Alcantara® shell lining

Musafia Alcantara® shell lining

Alcantara® shell lining For a particularly elegant effect, the dark brown leatherette used to cover the case frame where it's visible can be substituted with suede-like Alcantara®. This isn't only a pleasing aesthetic effect, however: overall weight of the case will be slightly reduced!  ...
88.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Hidden pocket for documents

Musafia Hidden pocket for documents

Musafia Hidden pocket for documents  This is basically a music pocket with a false bottom, and the zipper hidden away on the far side. Ideal for placing airline tickets, passports, checkbooks, etc. out of immediate sight if one opens the music pocket. etc. Measurements are the same as the...
59.00 €

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(image for) Musafia Case Caddy™

Musafia Case Caddy™

Musafia Case Caddy™ Imagine a little pouch big enough for a foldable music stand or a portable umbrella, made with all the same strong materials of Musafia Cremona Italy case covers. Imagine that it has a separate strap for portability and that you can thread your Musafia carrying strap through...
48.00 €

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(image for) Electronic A-440 Tuner

Electronic A-440 Tuner

Electronic A-440 Tuner This is a nifty electronic tuner that provides an A-440 at the touch of a button. About the size of a rosin piece and lighter than a tuning fork, it can be kept inside an accessory box, or fixed permanently to the case interior by screw attachment. Optional on all Musafia...
24.00 €

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(image for) Attached blanket

Attached blanket

Musafia  Attached instrument blanket Upon request, we can provide a Velcro attach-detach system to your case whereby your instrument blanket may be held in place when the case is opened, and removed only if necessary. That way the chances of it being lost are minimized! No added weight. Sold...
62.90 €

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(image for) Musafia Satin Pillow blanket

Musafia Satin Pillow blanket

Musafia Satin Pillow blanket The softest protection imaginable inside your Musafia case! This pillow-blanket is lined on both sides in rosin-resistant smooth, high-grade monocolor beige satin, and filled with low-density cotton air padding. Weighing approximately 70g (oblong violin version),...
42.90 €

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