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4G GPS tracker in the violin case - Control and security

The new GPS / GSM - system from Riboni! We take care of your INSTRUMENT in a caring way

From now on, you can keep your instrument safer and can finally sleep in peace.

We have developed an integrated system that can track the violin case via GPS - technology and provide the location via an easy-to-read Google Maps link. In addition, you can even activate a motion sensor to receive an SMS message as soon as the Riboni violin case is moved..

Maurizio Riboni has spent a lot of time designing the perfect product. He has developed his numerous designs based on the specific requirements of musicians and luthiers to obtain a highly reliable violin case that is very easy to use.

The tracker communicates with the GPS - system via short text messages to enable/disable functions and check the status of the violin case from your smartphone.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via email. We will be happy to explain in more detail how the new violin box by Maurizio Riboni works.



  • Find your instrument, anytime, anywhere!
  • Simply register online and get started! The SIM card and everything else you need are already included.
  • GPS - technology is integrated into the violin case
  • Long battery life in a relatively small housing
  • Remote control via smartphone
  • Thanks to various alarm functions, you will receive instant push notifications or emails and can act immediately in case of emergency.
  • Through the virtual fence, you define a specific area, and you will be notified as soon as the GPS tracker enters or leaves it.
  • Worldwide live tracking along with 365 days of route history storage. 
  • All alarms can be easily configured through the free app.

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